Wednesday, December 7, 2016

First off I need to apologize for such a long delay in updating this. The past few months have been a very busy time, but that's still not an excuse. All I can say is that I'll make my best effort to do a better job of keeping this blog updated on a regular basis.

As to what's been going on, we've started producing material for use with Revised Villains and Vigilantes, and have several projects for it in the pipeline, including a possible adventure or two.

On the SUPERS Revised Edition front, our first source book, M.E.R.C. is off at editing. The cover for it (see below) looks awesome. Joe Singleton did a great job taking my notes and working it up. I hope you enjoy it, and are able to make use of it in your games.

We're also working up the next batch of releases for ICONS and Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition. So be on the lookout for them for the holidays. 

We've also go more Pathfinder material in the works. The 2nd volume of our Cutthroats, Killers, Scoundrels is almost complete. When it hits, you'll be seeing the debut of a new artist, "Mach Ten Haryono". A buddy of mine, Dave Woodrum, of Fishwife Games, pointed me in his direction. I checked out some of his stuff on Deviantart, liked what I saw, and put him to work on a few pieces. You'll be seeing more of his work in our products over the next year, so stay tuned.

Speaking of new artists, we're also welcoming a second new artist on board, Brian Bartja. I found Brian completely by accident, as I was looking for another artist's contact info. I saw a few of his pieces, was impressed, and asked him to whip up a few samples. Long story short, he made a big impression. 

As for what we're planning on next year. Work has already begun on assembling a the first dozen or so Enemy Strike File release for a POD release through One Bookshelf. I'll be posting additional information on that, as we get closer to release. Until then, if you've got questions or comments, feel free to contacts us on our Facebook page or by email.

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