Monday, April 9, 2018

And our latest release for SUPERS! Revised Edition is now available.


College is that impressionable time when a student can be swayed as much by what they are exposed to as what they are learning. Mary just wanted to go to university to explore everything life had to offer. Of course, life will sometimes offer you a quick trip to your grave if you throw in with the wrong crowd. Luckily, circumstances beyond her understanding or control saved her life, transforming her into a titan of the waves. Now, Mary has become the Sea Witch, a living weapon against those that would foul the oceans. 

Written by Dominique Sumner with full color art by Joe Singleton, and layout by Walt Robillard.Enemy Strike Files are character packs detailing a villainous threat for your SUPERS! Revised Edition roleplaying game. The Enemies are extensively detailed so that they can be seamlessly integrated into your games; from a one-shot to an ongoing campaign. From New Millennium Games - Published by HAZARD Studios.

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