Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For those of you keeping up with us, lots of new stuff in the works for 2016. Our first release of the year, an all new Enemy Strike File entry, the villainous  Slab, has just been released, and is available for download. Check him out and let us know what you think.

During the coming months you'll see the debut of several new talented writers, Darren Tenor, Alex Thomas, and Doug Taylor. Darren has produced material for the classic superhero game, Villains and Vigilantes, and comes to use with a head full of great ideas. Alex Thomas has done work for Green Ronin Games Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition line of products, as well as doing the conversion work for the various Enemy Strike File line of releases (something that's taken a huge load work off my shoulders). Doug Taylor, as well as serving as our long suffering editor, the guy that makes some sort of sense out of my ramblings, has several decades of gaming experience, working in the background doing game development, editing, and playtesting for a number of small publishers. 

Within the next month, you'll be treated to the first bits of new art from the talented artists Storn Cook and our publisher, Walt Robillard of Hazard Studio.  

Joe Singleton, artist extraordinaire,  has been hard at work on NMG's first full fledged source book, M.E.R.C. What is M.E.R.C. you ask, more on that in the coming weeks. 

You'll also be seeing the first of a new line of products geared toward use with the Pathfinder role playing game. The first of which should, a new series titled, Cut Throats, Killers, and Scoundrels,  should be available for download within the next few weeks. That is if things go as planned (keep your fingers crossed),

Until then, feel free to drop by and check in on our Facebook page for previews or just to say hi.

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